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The ATOM Brick was founded by Adam Reed Tucker to inspire today’s builders to create the world around them using smaller, Inter-Connecting Bricks.

A Note from our Founder

Thank you for supporting The Atom Brick and our mission: to use sets like this to cultivate awareness of the amazing world in which we live. To better understand the goal of these new sets, I would like to share the vision behind The Atom Brick.

Many years ago I realized that in addition to its more traditional use as a creative play toy for children, the Inter-connecting building brick could be used as a three-dimensional modeling tool for the artist within us all. Existing toy companies have provided many quality options for delivering the creative play experience, but the brick has always been targeted to children as a toy, rather than marketed to all ages as an artistic medium.

Furthermore, the scale of existing bricks makes it difficult to achieve a refined level of detail and scale. After much consideration and experimentation, I discovered a ¾ scale brick (the mini brick) which is just the size needed to balance dimension, design, and detail.

I hope that you will enjoy this unique building experience as much as I have enjoyed developing the concept behind it.

Yours truly,