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SC Johnson Global Headquarters


In 1936, third-generation SC Johnson leader Herbert Fisk (H.F.) Johnson, Jr. sought out Frank Lloyd Wright “to build the best office building in the world” in Racine, Wisconsin. When the SC Johnson Administration Building was completed Life magazine called it the greatest innovation since the skyscraper “a truer glimpse of the shape of things to come.” The Research Tower was a later, equally innovative addition to the building. The 15-story building provides a vertical counterpoint to the horizontal administration building.

The SC Johnson Headquarters is the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright designed corporate headquarters still in use.

Discover the design intricacies of the SC Johnson Global Headquarters as you build with The Atom Brick. See how Wright recreated nature indoors and how creative brick choices help build and form this unique set!

Built Product Dimensions:  12.25" L x 6.75" W x 5" H

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